Holiday Promotional Push

I’m starting to cobble together thoughts around a holiday promotional push for the book. Part if this is going to rely on all of you. Here are a few things you could do that would be greatly helpful in driving sales in the next four weeks:

  • Online reviews:  I could still use as many Amazon reviews as possible.  I’m trying some Facebook ads that will push people to the Amazon page, so positive reviews will be critical in helping convince people to buy the book.  Please click on this link to submit a review:

  • Reviews on other sites:  I don’t have ANY reviews right now on iTunes.  I would love to get some.  You can click this link to submit a review for iTunes:  (just search “Here Comes the Sun” and Book and the listing for the e-book will come up.
  • Word of mouth:  This is the most direct way you can help.  Tell your friends.  Recommend the book to people.  Suggest it to book clubs.  Your personal outreach to friends will make a huge difference!
  • Contact your local bookstore:  Ask them to stock the book.  Again, this is how stores will know there is a demand for the book.

I have been so happy with the response to the book thus far.  The notes and e-mails I have received… the great turnout at the events… it has been overwhelming to get such great support.  I have even had the chance to meet with a few book clubs to talk about the book which has been really fun (would love to do more, if you have a book club).

I’m still hoping to schedule some visits to other cities in the coming year, so keep sending me those ideas as well.

Thank you for all that you have done as part of this book launch.