This picture is particularly meaningful today.

Betsy and Todd

It was taken at a party three years ago… celebrating Betsy’s fifth “second birthday”… the 5 year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant. It was a celebration of Betsy finally being considered “cured” of leukemia.

Two of the guests at the party were Todd and Karen Andrews. Just months after this photo was taken, Todd died after a long battle with osteosarcoma. He was extremely sick on the day of our party but he refused to miss the event. He and Karen walked into the party, Todd carrying his oxygen tank, and they helped us mark our important milestone. We felt honored to have them there with us.

Today, on the 8th anniversary of Betsy’s transplant, we will be participating in the Todd Andrews Memorial Golf Tournament, raising money for osteosarcoma research. It will be great to see Karen. We will very much miss Todd.

Later tonight Betsy and I will take Julia and Molly out to dinner to celebrate her “birthday” and her health. We will also raise a glass for Todd.

Today is a day of reflection, celebration, and a day to give thanks. Thank you to everyone who has touched our lives on this journey. We are lucky to have you, and re are thankful for the chance to continue down this path together.

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