News Coverage – Tonight!

Tune in to Fox 9 tonight at 9:00 (Twin Cities residents) or check tomorrow to see our first story about the book release.

Scott Wasserman interviewed Betsy five years ago about her story. Now he’s checking in with her again on the eve of the book launch.

I’ll post a link tomorrow!

Another bookstore event added

We’ve officially confirmed another bookstore event. I’ll be signing books at:

The Bookcase
824 Lake St E
Wayzata, MN 55391
7:00 to 8:00

Tuesday, October 8

Very excited to work with another great local bookstore!

Again, if you have a bookstore that you think would be good for a signing event, please send me a suggestion in the comments section of this site.

Big news!! Here Comes the Sun is officially listed on Amazon for pre-orders!!

It’s kind of wild to finally see the book posted… it finally seems real. It’s also a little nerve wracking because release date is coming up fast now!

Maybe you can help me with an experiment. If you search “Here Comes the Sun” in books I’m the eleventh title down on the page.

I’m not sure how the Amazon logarithms work, but if you feel inclined to click on this link multiple times today, I’m sure it couldn’t hurt! Maybe we can move the book up the search ladder!!

Oh… and if you feel inclined to pre-order… well that would be quite cool as well!

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement! Release day is coming soon, and it means so much to have you on the team!

Announcement: First bookstore events!!

I’m very excited to announce that I have booked my first two book signing events at two great bookstores:

On Saturday, September 28 I will be signing books at:

Birchbark Books
2:00 to 3:00 p.m.
2115 W 21st Street
Minneapolis, MN

On Wednesday, October 9 I will be signing books at:

Common Good Books
7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
65 Western Ave N
St Paul, MN

If you are able to make it to one of these store events, I would really appreciate it.  Bookstore events are the best way to generate buzz for a book AND to convince bookstore owners to keep the book in stock due to demand.

I am working on finalizing details for a book signing at The Bookcase in Wayzata. I will pass along those details soon.

If you know of a bookstore that you think would be good for a signing event please send me the suggestion on the contact section of this website.

We’re only a few weeks away from the book launch!  Very excited to see everything coming together… and I’m even more excited to share the book with you all!

A nice recommendation!!

You know you’ve hit the big time when you get some love from Chuck Neerland & Mark Oyaas, two of the Twin Cities finest public affairs consultants, and two genuinely great guys.

(From their latest newsletter)

“Finally, let us recommend a book soon to be published. Brian Lucas—journalist and public relations veteran now of public affairs with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health—will be celebrating the publication of “Here Comes the Sun: A Young Family’s Journey Through Cancer” on September 23 at the Open Book, 1011 Washington Avenue South in Minneapolis. The book is the chronicle of a young father’s compassionate and heart-rending experiences as he learns that the love of his life has been diagnosed with a serious form of leukemia. Lucas’ daily journals on his wife Betsy’s CaringBridge site were poignant. They shared the difficulties and courage it takes to battle this disease and offered hope even in some very dark hours. We caught up with Brian and wife Betsy, coincidentally on the 8th anniversary of Betsy’s bone marrow transplant. We finally figured out what this charming and vivacious woman sees in her man; he hits the living crap out of a golf ball. We think it’s fair to say that he writes a pretty darn good book as well and hope to see you on the 23rd.”

Thanks for highlighting the book in your newsletter… And while I wish Betsy had married me for my ability to hit a golf ball, that ability is so fleeting, I hope there’s another reason as well…

This picture is particularly meaningful today.

Betsy and Todd

It was taken at a party three years ago… celebrating Betsy’s fifth “second birthday”… the 5 year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant. It was a celebration of Betsy finally being considered “cured” of leukemia.

Two of the guests at the party were Todd and Karen Andrews. Just months after this photo was taken, Todd died after a long battle with osteosarcoma. He was extremely sick on the day of our party but he refused to miss the event. He and Karen walked into the party, Todd carrying his oxygen tank, and they helped us mark our important milestone. We felt honored to have them there with us.

Today, on the 8th anniversary of Betsy’s transplant, we will be participating in the Todd Andrews Memorial Golf Tournament, raising money for osteosarcoma research. It will be great to see Karen. We will very much miss Todd.

Later tonight Betsy and I will take Julia and Molly out to dinner to celebrate her “birthday” and her health. We will also raise a glass for Todd.

Today is a day of reflection, celebration, and a day to give thanks. Thank you to everyone who has touched our lives on this journey. We are lucky to have you, and re are thankful for the chance to continue down this path together.

Final Proofs – The book is ready to print!

I stopped by Beaver’s Pond Press this morning to take a look at the final proof of the book. I didn’t find any typos… everything looked good… so it’s off to the printer!! Really exciting to see how it’s all coming together… I think you’ll like it!

photo 1

photo 2

Now I can turn my attention to promotion, events, etc. I’ll share some news on that front in the next day or two.

Stay tuned!


First look at back cover!

We officially have a back cover design for the book! Everything is pretty much wrapped up now… book goes to the printer next week. We’re all set for release the week of September 23!

Exciting news about some launch events will come shortly… stay tuned!
Back Cover

Book Release Date – September 23!!

Lucas_Sun_Cvr_4.8.13We’ve set a date!  Here Comes the Sun will be available in stores beginning the week of September 23.

We’re working on setting up a series of launch events and book signings.  Please check back often for updates as we move toward publication date.